Hi I'm Ethan!

As an enthusiastic programmer, I have a deep passion for making immersive gaming experiences and Am a fast learner that can adapt to any new method of working. Within my role, I specialize as a versatile generalist, proficient in programming languages such as C# and C++, and have hand on practice in leading game engines like Unity and UE5.

During my studies at TheGameAssembly, I embarked on a journey where I delved into the world of coding my own game engine. From constructing low-level systems to laying a solid foundation for all the work, I train my skills in writing robust code and learn about the art of debugging. Additionally, I embraced the principles of working agile and collaboration, refining my teamwork and communication skills along the way.

My enriching two-year study at TheGameAssembly has been transformative, sharpening my problem-solving abilities and working on self-improvement. Armed with all these experiences and knowledges, I am eager to tackle challenges head-on and make meaningful contributions to game development world.



Rythm FPS Aim Trainer

For my specialization, I've opted to create an FPS Aim Trainer with a unique twist—it incorporates elements of a rhythm game. Picture this: you're immersed in music while honing your shooting skills, whether it's hitting static targets or tracking objects to the beat (think OSU!). This FPS Aim Trainer isn't just about leveling up your aim; it's about turning practice into an exhilarating experience. Say goodbye to dull routines; here, you'll seamlessly blend music, precision, and skill to become the ultimate sniper across all games. At the sametime I will try to recreate a tool so that user can make a map on their own.