Collaboration projects

Project 8

Under construction.

"Under construction"

Under construction

Project 7

Mochi The Longest Tuesday.

"You are a cat in a mechsuit! Shoot, jump, and avoid enemies to find your beloved box on an alien planet."

In my seventh project at TGA, we encountered two problmes: the absence of a robust level loading system and a solid UI foundation. Determined to address these crucial areas, I personally took the initiative and tackled them head-on.

I faced numerous challenges, juggling multiple systems simultaneously. I learn on how to make UI state management and some robust solutions for effective level loading, ensuring that our LDs can utilize within the engine. Amidst these trials, I have lots of moments of self-doubt regarding my ability to deliver exceptional work. However, I am proud to say that I overcame it, and embracing the opportunity to tackle more challenges and shoulder additional responsibilities, often working independently to develop these systems.

Project 6

Plague Purge.

"As a Plague doctor, dash through hordes of maggots and infected to find the source of the sickness."

In my sixth project at TGA, as we continued to build the foundation of our own game engine, my team and I realized the need to restructure the engine for long-term efficiency.

Following the previous project, the importance of working with and managing sounds became even more apparent. I found myself tasked with coordinating efforts with the musicians collaborating with our school. With determination and dedication, I poured my heart and soul into enhancing the sound engine, incorporating new features, and customizing the engine to accommodate each musician's specific requests.

Project 5


"You are in a laboratory in the 1940s, you have an urgent message that needs to be delivered but something has happened that prevents you from sending it. Solve the problem and deliver the important message."

In my fifth project at TGA, there is a big challenge ahead of us as me and my team gonna developing our very own game engine. This project offered invaluable hands-on experience in a completely new environment. Throughout this project, we faced the daunting task of building everything from scratch, including rendering textures, managing sounds, and navigating our camera system in a 3D space.

Personally, I took on the responsibility of designing a sound system using FMOD. Despite encountering some initial hurdles within our group, we persevered, and I personally gained insights into effective stress management while pushing through obstacles.

Project 4

Corpse Carnival.

"Throw your head at scary bat, talk with quirky ghosts, and save the 5000-year old theme park as the only zombie-employee left."

In my fourth project at TGA, I continued my journey with our school's game engine. This time, I discovered a newfound joy in coding all the foundational systems for our projects, including the collision system, post-master, input handler, and even delving into some UI work.

Throughout this proect, I embraced the opportunity to create new systems within a game engine, allowing for endless customization to suit our project's needs. I also gained valuable insights into bug testing and system optimization, ensuring that our works were robust and didn't hinder the workflow of my fellow team members.

Project 3

Nova Turient.

"In her search for a new home for her people,  Nova finds herself lost on a forging planet. Help her traverse the magical terrain while she learns the story of the unusual planet."

In my third project at TGA, I embarked on an exciting journey into the world of custom game engines, specifically our school's very own creation, TGE. This was my first experience working with a customized engine, offering a unique opportunity to delve into low-level systems and build essential components like game objects and animation systems from scratch.

Throughout this project, I immersed myself in creating an animation systems. I tackled the challenge of playing animations from a sprite sheet, developing a system that seamlessly looped and played the correct animations based on character movement and direction. This included ensuring that all other animations in the game could be handled using just one sprite sheet, optimizing efficiency and streamlining development.

Project 2

Ghost Grab.

"Travel through different Dimensions and solve Puzzles by pushing blocks to bring all the Ghosts back home again!"

In my second project at TGA, I had the opportunity to build upon my existing knowledge of Unity Engine, diving even deeper into how to fully utilize all the tools it provides. This project was all about refining AI movement and creating an achievement system. Throughout this project, I found myself exploring the how to synchronize animation and fine-tuning the behaviors of our AI characters as they navigated predefined paths.

It became clear to me that have a strong partnership with our animators was key to ensuring that animations seamlessly complemented the AI's movements, creating an engaging experience for players.

Project 1

Garden Goobers.

"A hungry hedgehog is chasing you! Run home with your leek (for dinner?) through the grasslands and fields. Will you eat or be eaten?"

This project holds a special place as my very first adventure at TGA, marking the beginning of my journey with Unity Engine. Within this exciting trip, I had the opportunity to dive into various tasks, from adding mesmerizing particle effects to celebrating checkpoint victories, to setting up a friendly warning system for upcoming crossroads, and even crafting an achievement system to inspire progress.

Throughout this project, I learn about the spirit of teamwork and agile development practices, learning and growing alongside my teammate. While I initially faced some bumps in the road and hesitated to ask for help, I started to learn as I connected with my teammates. With each interaction, my communication skills improved, and I became a more collaborative and supportive team player, eager to contribute to our shared success.